CCP Inc.: Shaping Pop Culture Through Character Content Production

CCP GIGAN ORIGINAL Version, Middle Size Series - 5" tall


In the bustling heart of Tokyo, where tradition meets innovation, lies CCP Inc. (Character Content Production), a creative powerhouse that has been molding the essence of popular culture since its inception. Founded on August 25, 2001, by visionary entrepreneur Shuji Irie, CCP has matured into a pioneer in crafting three-dimensional models that capture the spirit of our era. With a capital of 18.5 million yen, CCP's headquarters stands tall at 1-37-12 Komichi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, a testament to its commitment to innovation and artistic excellence.


The journey of CCP began even before its official establishment. Shuji Irie laid the foundation in April 2000 by creating the CSS Character Division Co., Ltd. This precursor company paved the way for the birth of CCP, which officially came into being on September 19, 2002, under the name Character Contents Production Co., Ltd. CCP's dedication to its craft and unwavering passion for character content became apparent. A transformation came in May 2014 when the company adopted its current name, CCP Co., Ltd.



CCP's repertoire of products is diverse and impressive, encompassing an array of beloved characters and franchises. From iconic figures like Ultraman, Kaiju, and Godzilla to timeless favorites like Kinnikuman, Saint Seiya, and Fist of the North Star, CCP breathes life into these characters, turning them into tangible works of art. This commitment to detail and authenticity has garnered CCP the trust of prestigious suppliers such as Tamago Kikaku Co., Ltd., Toei Animation Co., Ltd., and Shueisha Co., Ltd., among others, solidifying its reputation as a beacon of quality in the industry.


CCP's unwavering dedication to preserving the essence of Japanese culture in pop culture sets it apart from other toy companies. Guided by three fundamental concepts, CCP is a torchbearer of Japan's unique artistic heritage. The first concept centers around a molding technique known as "bread mold," which originated in the United States during the 1950s and evolved into Japan's innovative soft vinyl molding method. This technique, integral to CCP's work, forms a bridge between generations and continents, keeping the legacy alive for years.


The second concept delves into the influence of special effects, manga, and anime on Japan's cultural fabric. Drawing inspiration from historical figures like Eiji Tsuburaya and Osamu Tezuka, CCP embraces these iconic forms of entertainment, transforming them into exquisite figurines that ignite the imagination. By paying homage to these artistic milestones, CCP contributes to the ongoing development of personality and cultural identity.


The third concept reflects CCP's transformation of figurines from mere toys into revered works of art, echoing the legacy of European paintings and sculptures that have stood the test of time. With cutting-edge technology and materials, CCP elevates its creations to masterpieces, capturing the essence of modern pop culture and preserving it for generations to come.


Under Shuji Irie's visionary leadership, CCP has gained the rights to handle a multitude of characters, creating an impressive portfolio that includes the likes of Ultraman, Kaiju, Kinnikuman, Godzilla, Saint Seiya, Monster Hunter, Evangelion, and more. CCP's commitment to these characters goes beyond commercial interest; it is a mission to safeguard the cultural tapestry that defines an era.


In a world where trends may fade as technologies evolve, CCP Inc. is a steadfast guardian of pop culture's legacy. CCP breathes life into characters with each meticulously crafted figurine. As the world continues to change, CCP remains unwavering in its dedication to creating lasting artifacts that inspire, captivate, and delight for decades, even centuries to come.


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